Wisconsin Pizza Restaurant Directory

Wisconsin Pizza Restaurant Directory

This is a Directory of Wisconsin Pizza Restaurants listed alphabetical by their business name as part of the Wisconsin Business Directory by Business Categories. We also list all Wisconsin businesses, non-profits and organizations alphabetical in our Alphabetical Wisconsin Business Directory. All Wisconsin Businesses are also listed in the Wisconsin Business Directory, both alphabetical and by business category. They may also optionally be listed in their Wisconsin Community Business Directory. Click on the Wisconsin Business Directories button below for access to both the Wisconsin Business Directory by Category and the Wisconsin Business Directory in Alphabetical order. Click on the Wisconsin Communities button below for access to information about all Wisconsin County, City, Village, Town and Unincorporated Communities along with information about Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Pizza Restaurant Directory

Famous Yeti's Pizza - Stoughton - www.famousyetispizza.com

Joe Jo's Pizza and Gelato - Ephraim - www.doorcountypizza.com

La Rocca's Restaurant & Pizzeria - Oregon - www.laroccaspizzeria.com

Moo Works

Maria's Pizza

134 South Main Street, Oregon, WI 53575 - (608) 835-5455

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Maria's Pizza
134 Sout Main Street, Oregon, WI 53575

Maria's Pizza is our "go-to" pizza restaurant in Oregon. They have great pizza, Italian food and everyone is friendly. You walk in and the smells are almost enough by themselves. We love their pizza, but also really like their pasta too. The garlic cheese bread is a must. We are there just about every Wednesday night for our Maria's Pizza fix. Mark

Papa Murphy's

All Wisconsin Papa Murphy's restaurants are now on their own Web Page. Click the button below to see the list in Community Order.

Paul's Pizza Den - Birchwood - www.paulspizzaden.com

Pizza Hut

All Wisconsin Pizza Hut restaurants are now on their own Web Page. Click the button below to see the list in Community Order.

Pizza Pit - Oregon - www.oregonpizzapit.com

Romano's Pizzeria - Evansville - www.romanospizza-lounge.com

Spinners Pizza - Stoughton - www.spinnerspizza.net

Sugar RIver Pizza Company - New Glarus - www.sugarriverpizza.com/new-glarus

Ticino Pizzeria - New Glarus - www.ticinopizzeria.com

Villa Pizza Inn - Brodhead - www.villapizzabrodhead.com

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