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Here is a list of things to do in Wisconsin, not really a bucket list, but more of a list of ideas to give you something to do in Wisconsin. Experience Wisconsin if you will. Not all are unique to Wisconsin, but most are Wisconsin! If you are a visitor to the great State of Wisconsin, here are a few things that you should do at least once from this list during your visit. If you are a Wisconsin citizen, there might be something on this list you have not yet done in Wisconsin. There is no order to this list, so look through it and pick something interesting to do in Wisconsin.

We also have links to both "What to Do in Wisconsin" directories that are by Wisconsin County and by Wisconsin Community. Enjoy and have fun in Wisconsin!

Wisconsin Ideas

Eat a Cream Puff at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Cream Puffs are great any time, any place, but they are especially great at the Wisconsin State Fair. Yes you will want to take some home at the end of the day, but make sure you have at least one at the fair.

North Point Lighthouse - wisconsin.com

Wisconsin State Fair - www.wistatefair.com

August 2-12, 2018

640 South 84th Street, West Allis, WI 53214 - (414) 266-7000

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Wisconsin State Fair
640 South 84th Street, West Allis WI 53214
Wisconsin State Fair - wisconsin.com
Wisconsin State Fair - wisconsin.com
Wisconsin State Fair - wisconsin.com
Wisconsin State Fair - wisconsin.com
Wisconsin State Fair - wisconsin.com
Wisconsin State Fair - wisconsin.com
Wisconsin State Fair - wisconsin.com
Wisconsin State Fair - wisconsin.com
Wisconsin State Fair - wisconsin.com

This is the king of fairs in Wisconsin. As far as fairs and entertainment goes, there is none better in the Midwest. Just about every food stand has live music and the food is great with just about any type of food you would want. And many types on a stick! You have to have a Cream Puff, a Wisconsin beer, listen to live music, take in the live stock, watch the afternoon parade, and just have a great time.

Go out for a Friday Night Wisconsin Fish Fry.

Wisconsin Friday Night Fish Fries are a Wisconsin tradition and something Wisconsin is known for. No matter what part of Wisconsin you are in or visiting, there is a local restaurant that will have a great Friday Night Fish Fry. The fish may come deep fried, baked, pan fried, or grilled, but the true Friday Night Fish Fry is deep fried. Ask a local or check out our Wisconsin Friday Night Fish Fry directory below for a restaurant near you.

Watch the sun come up over Lake Michigan.

Wisconsin sunrises are spectacular and just about any place in Wisconsin is a great place to catch a sunrise. But, watching the sun come up over one of the Great Lakes is special. All along the Wisconsin shoreline of Lake Michigan are places to view a sunrise from. Check them out the day before you expect a clear morning. Yes, you have to be up, dressed, and at the spot before the sun comes up, but that is what naps are for.

Watch Eagles soar over the Wisconsin River.

Wisconsin Eagles have made a great comeback over the last few years. Wisconsin has always had a soft spot for Eagles. Wisconsin had Abe, an Eagle that went into battle with the Wisconsin Union troops during the Civil War and then lived in the Wisconsin Capitol building. Now days, you can spot an Eagle many places in Wisconsin. Winter months along the Mississippi or Wisconsin River are prime places to view Eagles. Prairie du Chien and Sauk Prairie have great places to catch sight of those magnificent birds.

Take a tour of Lambeau Field.

Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers football team is a 'must see' for any sports fan. The history of the Green Bay Packers speaks for itself. A tour of this great place is fascinating and will worth the time spent.

Green Bay Packers - Green Bay - www.packers.com

Climb to the top of a Wisconsin Lighthouse.

Wisconsin Lighthouses number over 50 and dot the shoreline of all three large lakes, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior and Lake Winnebago. Once you are at the top of a Lighthouse, the view is fantastic. Not all Wisconsin Lighthouses allow you to climb to the top, but for those that do, it is worth the climb. For those lighthouses that allow you to climb the many stairs to the top, some have an admission charge and some do not.

Have a Limburger Cheese Sandwich at Baumgartner's

Limburger Cheese is not for the picky eater. Limburger Cheese is notorious for its smell, but it is a smooth cheese that is very flavourful. Limburger Cheese is made in only one cheese factory in the United States, the Chalet Cheese Co-Op in Monroe Wisconsin. You can buy Limburger Cheese in a number of places in Wisconsin, including Baumgartner's Cheese Store & Tavern in Monroe, Wisconsin. We think the best place to eat a Limburger Cheese Sandwich is at Baumgartner's. Get it with raw onions and on their rye bread. Have it with a good Wisconsin beer and a bowl of their chili.

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Baumgartner's Cheese Store and Tavern - Monroe - www.baumgartnercheese.com

One of my earliest childhood memories is sitting at the bar at Baumgartner's with my Dad and Grandfather eating a salami and swiss cheese on rye bread sandwich. I have had many since. This Cheese Store / Tavern / Bar / Restaurant is not only a must stop when in Monroe, it is worth the drive, just to eat there! For the adventure eater, try the Limburger and onion on rye bread sandwich.

Spend a Summer Night at an Outdoor Theater

Wisconsin Outdoor Theaters once numbered over 50 in Wisconsin. Now there are just 9 that are showing movies every summer night. On a nice warm Wisconsin summer night, watching a couple of movies in your car with your spouse, significant other, friends or family is a great way to spend an evening.

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