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There is many things to do in Wisconsin year round. On this page we have links to all 72 Wisconsin Countie's directories of What to Do in that Wisconsin County. We have Wisconsin Attractions that are places to visit that are Wisconsin. You might learn something, see something new or just have fun. Company tours, museums, wineries, breweries and different road trip suggestions are a few things you will find in the Wisconsin Things to Do section. We also have Wisconsin Entertainment links that have your events, casinos, fairs, shopping, zoos, waterparks and other Wisconsin places that will entertain you and your family, but also have fun too. We have two new pages that have more different things to do in Wisconsin. The "Off the Beaten Path" page and Wisconsin Ideas page are two areas that will give you a different view of Wisconsin. The Off the Beaten Path section will give you places that are not the normal Wisconsin place most people think about when traveling around Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Ideas section is simply a list of Wisconsin things to do, places to see, etc. that are Wisconsin. It is not a "Bucket List" but more of a place to go if you do not know what to do or where to go.

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Things to Do in Wisconsin Main Page

THe main page of Things to Do in Wisconsin with links to all types of entertainment and activities in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Things to Do by Wisconsin Community

All the Wisconsin Things to Do are listed by their type of Things to Do within each Wisconsin Community.

Off the Beaten Path

Looking for something a little different in Wisconsin? We list things to do that are off the normal beaten path by Wisconsin Counties.

Wisconsin Ideas

We have a list of things to do in Wisconsin, not really a bucket list, but more of a list of ideas to give you something to do in Wisconsin.

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