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First a little bit about this project of Wisconsin Historical Markers. Shortly after wisconsin.com was born, in 1995, we started photographing any Wisconsin Historical Markers we came across in our travels around Wisconsin. We started posting those images with very little information about them other than the image on our new wisconsin.com website. Life got busy, and that effort was placed on the back burner to simmer. In this case for about 20 years.

We kept photographing the signs, but did not document location, info, etc. In 2022, we started to update the project for the current version of wisconsin.com. This time with the GPS technology, we can better map locations of the Wisconsin Historical Markers.

We are including the State of Wisconsin Historical Markers, Wisconsin County Historical Markers, Blue & Gold Star Markers, and other Historical Markers in Wisconsin. There are almost 600 Wisconsin Historical Markers alone, so we have a large task ahead to document all of them.

We have grouped the Wisconsin Historical Markers by Wisconsin County. Click on a Wisconsin County and if we have traveled there, you will see the markers along with a little info about them. We have also included the timeline of the Wisconsin Historical markers by the year they were established.

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