Wisconsin Historical Marker #470 - Revolutionary War Veteran

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Revolutionary War Veteran - [Marker #470] (Erected: 2002)

Entrance to Prairie Mound Cemetery, County Hwy. M, Village of Oregon, WI

Dane County Wisconsin Historical Marker 470
Dane County Wisconsin Historical Marker 470


Nathaniel Ames, whose grave is near the crest of this hill, was born on April 25, 1761, in Scituate, Rhode Island. He first enlisted in the Continental Army at the age of 18 and served several short enlistments under General George Washington over the next four years. Ames' army service was with Connecticut Line Units, which were front-line troops. He later enlisted in the Navy, was taken prisoner by the British, and was eventually discharged in 1783. After the war, Ames moved to New York state to farm. In 1791, he became a Methodist preacher and preached for 45 years. He and his wife, Sarah Hall, raised ten children. In 1836, like many New Yorkers, he came to Wisconsin and settled briefly in Racine County. He subsequently purchased and farmed a section of land a mile from the village of Oregon. The day after his 100th birthday, he moved into the village. Ames died two years later and was buried in this cemetery, with Masonic honors, on August 30, 1863.


Erected Year2002
Marker Number470
Erected ByWisconsin Historical Society and the Nathaniel Ames Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution
Location42° 56.479′ N, 89° 23.004′ W
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Revolutionary War Veteran
42.94146047, -89.38325487

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