Wisconsin Cheese Store Directory

Wisconsin Cheese Stores Directory

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Wisconsin Cheese Store Directory

Alp and Dell Cheese [Store] - Monroe - www.alpanddellcheese.com

Baumgartner's Cheese Store and Tavern - Monroe - www.baumgartnercheese.com

One of my earliest childhood memories is sitting at the bar at Baumgartner's with my Dad and Grandfather eating a salami and swiss cheese on rye bread sandwich. I have had many since. This Cheese Store / Tavern / Bar / Restaurant is not only a must stop when in Monroe, it is worth the drive, just to eat there! For the adventure eater, try the Limburger and onion on rye bread sandwich.

Bavaria Sausage and Cheese Chalet [Store] - Madison - www.bavariasausage.com

The Cannery Public Market [Store] - Green Bay - www.thecannerymarket.com

Cheesers [Store] - Stoughton - www.cheesers.com

Cornellier Superstore [Store] - Beloit - www.cheese-r-us.com

Edelweiss Cheese [Store] - New Glarus - www.edelweisscheeseshop.com

Fromagination [Store] - Madison - www.fromagination.com

Glorioso's Italian Market [Store] - Milwaukee - www.gloriosos.com

Le Coulee Cheese Castle [Store] - West Salem - www.lecouleecheese.com

Maple Leaf Cheese & Chocolate Haus [Store] - New Glarus - www.mapleleafcheeseandchocolatehaus.com

Nala's Fromagerie [Store] - Green Bay - www.nalascheese.com/s/

Renard's Cheese Store [Store] - Sturgeon Bay - www.renardscheese.com

Wisconsin Cheese Mart [Store] - Milwaukee - www.wisconsincheesemart.com

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