Wisconsin Historical Marker #548 - CCC Veterans Memorial Bridge

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CCC Veterans Memorial Bridge - [Marker #548] (Erected: 2012)

Black Allen Creek Bridge, 100 East Main St, Evansville, WI

Rock County Wisconsin Historical Marker 338


In the summer of 1933, military veterans in Company V-1680 of the Civilian Conservation Corps improved the banks of Allen Creek here, planted trees, and did soil conservation work on nearby farms. They camped at the old County Fair Grounds south of town. The CCC was a national work relief program during the Great Depression.


Erected Year2012
Marker Number548
Erected ByWisconsin Historical Society
Location42° 46.825′ N, 89° 17.774′ W
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CCC Veterans Memorial Bridge
42.78042766, -89.29630572

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