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Dane County Wisconsin Restaurant Directory

This is a Directory of Wisconsin Restaurants in Dane County Wisconsin listed by their Wisconsin Community. This directory lists all types of restaurants or dinning establishments in Wisconsin. From the little burger stand to the fine dinning restaurant. They serve all types of foods from the basic bar burger to the gourmet meal. If we missed a restaurant for this county, email us at WiRestaurant and let us know how it was. And let the Restaurant know you found them at wisconsin.com!

We also have all Wisconsin Restaurants are also listed by their type of food served on our Wisconsin Restaurants by Type page. Click on the Wisconsin Restaurants by Type button to go there. Our Wisconsin Dinning Main Page will give you Wisconsin Restaurants by Wisconsin County or Wisconsin Community. There is also a Wisconsin Friday Night Fish Fry Directory and Wisconsin Supper Club Directory listed. Click on the Wisconsin Dinning Main Page button to go there. To find out more information about Dane County, click on the Dane County Home Page button.


Schwoegler's Sugar River Lanes - Belleville - www.sugarriverlanes.com


Avenue Club and the Bubble Up Bar - Madison - www.avenueclubmadison.com

Delaney's Steak Seafood Wine - Madison - www.experiencedelaneys.com

Dotty Dumpling's Dowry - Madison - www.dottydumplingsdowry.com

Eldorado Grill - Madison - www.eldoradogrillmadison.com

Essen Haus - Madison - www.essen-haus.com

Kavanaugh's Esquire Club - Madison - [no known website]

The Laurel Tavern - Madison - www.thelaureltavern.com

Lombardino's Restaurant - Madison - www.lombardinos.com

Mariner's Inn - Madison - www.marinersmadison.com

Off Broadway Drafthouse - Madison - www.offbroadwaydrafthouse.com

Otto's Restaurant & Bar - Madison - www.ottosrestaurant.com

Paisan's Restaurant - Madison - www.paisansrest.com

Smoky's Club - Madison - www.smokysclub.com

Toby's Supper Club - Madison - www.tobyssupperclub.com

Tornado Steak House - Madison - www.tornadosteakhouse.com


Green Lantern Restaurant and Bar - McFarland - www.thegreenlanternrestaurant.com

Maple Tree Supper Club - McFarland - www.mapletreesupperclub.com


Burger King - Oregon - locations.bk.com/wi/oregon/810-north-main-st.html

Charlie's On Main - Oregon - www.charliesmainevent.com

Cousins Subs - Oregon - www.cousinssubs.com/store/cousins-subs-oregon-janesville-st

Firefly Coffeehouse - Oregon - www.fireflycoffeehouse.com

The Firefly offeehouse states they are known as Oregon's living room, we have to agree. Tables, comfortable chairs and couches, lots of books, magazines, art work make it a very nice place to enjoy a cup and one of their great muffins. It is also a great place to work on a Website when you want to get away from the office for a time. Mark

Headquarters Bar & Restaurant - Oregon - www.oregonhq.com

La Rocca's Restaurant & Pizzeria - Oregon - www.laroccaspizzeria.com

Moo Works

Maria's Pizza

134 South Main Street, Oregon, WI 53575 - (608) 835-5455

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Maria's Pizza
134 Sout Main Street, Oregon, WI 53575

Maria's Pizza is our "go-to" pizza restaurant in Oregon. They have great pizza, Italian food and everyone is friendly. You walk in and the smells are almost enough by themselves. We love their pizza, but also really like their pasta too. The garlic cheese bread is a must. We are there just about every Wednesday night for our Maria's Pizza fix. Mark

McDonalds - Oregon - www.mcdonalds.com/us/en-us.html

Mulligan's Irish Bar & Grill - Oregon - www.martinogradys.com/mulligans.html

Papa Murphy's - Oregon - www.papamurphys.com/store-finder/wi/oregon/WI108

Pizza Hut - Oregon - www.pizzahut.com

Pizza Pit - Oregon - www.oregonpizzapit.com

Senor Peppers - Oregon - www.senorpeppersllc.com

Subway - Oregon - order.subway.com/Stores/Find.aspx#12325

Ziggy's BBQ Smokehouse & Ice Cream Parlor - Oregon - www.ziggysbbqsmokehouse.com


Banushi's Bar & Grill - Stoughton - www.banushis.com

Culver's - Stoughton - www.culvers.com

Deak's Pub & Grill - Stoughton - www.deakspub.com

El Rio Grande - Stoughton - www.elriostoughton.com

Famous Yeti's Pizza - Stoughton - www.famousyetispizza.com

The Koffee Kup - Stoughton - www.koffeekupstoughton.com

Laz Bistro & Bar - Stoughton - www.lazbistro.com

Main Street Kitchen - Stoughton - www.mainstreet.kitchen

Nauti Norske - Stoughton - www.nautinorske.com

Paco's Tacos - Stoughton - www.pacostacosstoughton.com

Spinners Pizza - Stoughton - www.spinnerspizza.net

Moo Works

Springers of Lake Kegonsa - Stoughton - www.springersonthelake.com

3097 Sunnyside Street, Stoughton, WI 53589 - (608) 205-9300

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Springers of Lake Kegonsa
3097 Sunnyside Street, Stoughton, WI 53589

Springers is our "go-to" Friday Night Fish Fry restaurant. They have great food, nice bar, overlooks the lake and everyone is friendly. Their Friday Night Fish Fry menu has a large assortment of fish, including the standard Wisconsin Fried Cod and Baked Cod. We have a cocktail at the bar, relax by the water view and then have a great meal. It does not get much better than this. Mark

Springers, Stoughton WI - wisconsin.com
Springers, Stoughton WI - wisconsin.com
Springers, Stoughton WI - wisconsin.com
Springers, Stoughton WI - wisconsin.com
Springers, Stoughton WI - wisconsin.com
Springers, Stoughton WI - wisconsin.com
Springers, Stoughton WI - wisconsin.com
Springers, Stoughton WI - wisconsin.com
Springers, Stoughton WI - wisconsin.com

Sugar & Spice Eatery & Deli - Stoughton - www.sugarandspiceeatery.com

Wendigo - Stoughton - www.wendigostoughton.com

Sun Prairie

Watertower Chop House - Sun Prairie - www.watertowerchophouse.com


Rex's Innkeeper - Waunakee - www.rexsinnkeeper.com

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