Mark Buehl Photography

Information on ordering my art and the materials I use

All of the images you see on this Website are available for sale. Most are limited editions with a fixed number of prints that will ever be printed. Some are 'open' images and there is not a limit on the number of prints that I will print of that image. Those images are also for sale as 'stock images' or images that can be used for advertising, greeting cards, etc. Email me if you have any questions on any of the images you see on this Website.

Thank You, Mark Buehl

Print Information

I am very proud of my art and therefore use only high quality materials. The images are printed on Kodak Professional photography paper. This printing process will last over 100 years in a typical home display. It will last over 200 years in dark storage. I use only acid free, archival quality matting. I use only conservation glass in my framed images. Conservation glass will protect the image from 98% of UV light rays. However, care should be given to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, fluorescent light, high heat or humidity. I use mostly wood frames and they have a paper backing. All framed images use coated wire and high quality hardware for hanging my art. All limited edition images come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity to certify that absolutely no additional prints will be printed for that edition.

Ordering Information

I can ship my matted prints and framed art worldwide. I prefer to use FedEx Express (worldwide) or FedEx Ground (USA & Canada). Smaill items like notecards or small matted prints, I can use Priority Mail from the Post Office. All art is packaged very well and therefore there is an charge for packaging, besides the shipping charge. All shipments will be insured for replacement cost. Currently I accept major credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, American Express) or PayPal. PayPal allows you to use any major credit cards. I will accept checks and money orders from local Madison Wisconsin banks ONLY and they will require a few days extra to allow for clearing my bank. Email me with your order, address and shipping instructions. I will email you back with the total charges.