We Are Live!!!!!

November 27, 2011 by Mark Buehl

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We Are Live!!!!!

Well after a few false starts going down the wrong road with new software, we are live with the new Mark Buehl Photography Website. I completely re-did the entire Website!

I ended up using Dreamweaver for my software on this site. I already owned the software, I was just looking for a faster way to get my new Website up and running. I had been using iWeb and that worked fine for getting my first version of my Website up and running fast. But it had some limitations. I looked at the next level of software, still template based, but with more features and flexibility.

I tried several but they did not work out or had too many steps to load up my html code. I did purchase one package and thought it would work fine, but it could not upload my code to my Website. After a week of emails to support and back, I gave up and asked for a refund.

Dreamweaver is not as easy to use and has taken longer to get my new Website up and running than I wanted, but it offers the most features and flexibility. I started with a rough template that had the look and features I wanted. I then added my own tweaks to make it what I was looking for. I am not done by a long shot, but Websites are never done.

What is new!

  • A whole new look with better background graphics of my art.
  • A News page with updates on what is new with Mark Buehl Photography.
  • A cleaner portfolio section with better graphics.
  • Easier access to Facebook, Twitter and my new Mark Buehl Photography Blog.
  • A more consistence and cleaner look to the entire Website.
  • A new and improved contact page.

What is coming!

  • More pages of my art.
  • Updated descriptions, sizes, and prices of my art.
  • A page with future art shows and gallery anouncements.
  • A page with art shows that I have been in and awards.
  • An easier way to order my art online.
  • And of course, more new art.