The Project Starts

November 22, 2011 by Mark Buehl

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The Project Starts

After several false starts, the complete refresh of this Website has started, for real! We are using Adobe Dreamweaver on my Macintosh desktop the project.

I have wanted to get this project done for many months, but have not had time. Finally, I just had to make time and looked at using different Macintosh software than iWeb. I have Dreamweaver and do use it. I thought I would look at some different template based Macintosh software like iWeb but with more features. I did not want to make this project into a long drawn out affair.

I tried several but they did not work out or had too many steps to load up my html code. I did purchase one package and thought it would work fine, but it could not upload my code to my Website. After a week of emails to support and back, I gave up and asked for a refund.

Dreamweaver is not as easy to use and will take longer, but I know it and have it. So here I start yet again with Dreamweaver in creating my new look to my Website.